Extension Installation Tutorial

7 Steps To Install Most OpenCart Extensions & Modules

Not sure where to begin when it comes to installing an extension into OpenCart? Follow this 7 Step OpenCart Extension Installation tutorial to install almost any OpenCart extension.

Before You Begin:

If you are using any language directory other than English, you must change the following folder names to the name of the language directory you use:

  • admin / language / english / …
  • catalog / language / english / …



1. Connect To FTP
Connect to your FTP server. If you don't have an FTP client, you can download one here.
OpenCart Extension Installation Tutorial Step 1
2. Locate Your Shop
Locate the main shop directory on your server. This will be the location in which you installed your store.
OpenCart Extension Installation Tutorial Step 2
3. Locate The Extension
Locate the extension on your local machine that you wish to install.
OpenCart Extension Installation Tutorial Step 3
4. Read & Follow Developer Installation Instructions
Open the folder containing the module you have downloaded and follow the developer installation instructions in regards to what files to upload. The installation instructions are usually contained in a text file called "installation", or "readme".
OpenCart Extension Installation Tutorial Step 4
5. Locate Folders To Be Uploaded
Inside the designated upload folder you will find the folders that need to be uploaded to install the extension.
OpenCart Extension Installation Tutorial Step 5
6. Drag & Drop Folders
To install the extension, simply drag the designated folders into the empty space below the files on your server. The extension folder structure will put the extension files in the required locations. Make sure to drag the folders into an empty area below the files on your server to avoid uploading the files into a subfolder.
OpenCart Extension Installation Tutorial Step 6
7. Overwriting Existing Files
If you are prompted to overwrite existing files, you may already have an extension with the same filenames on your server. Installing another extension with the same filenames could cause errors. If you are updating an already installed extension, ignore this warning and select “Overwrite All”.
OpenCart Extension Installation Tutorial Step 7

Extension Installation Service

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